Benefits of eating coconut oil

Coconut oil and fresh coconut

Coconut oil and fresh coconut

The particular benefits of consuming coconut oil on a regular basis are being revealed by current research.  Long revealed as a dangerous saturated fat, coconut oil is revealing itself to be an extremely beneficial fat to include in one’s diet.
Coconut oil is composed of what is called medium chain triglycerides or MCT’s.  The body always burns these kinds of fats for energy and never deposits them in fat cells.  In fact, the burning of them for energy actually helps the body burn excess fat cells in the process.
Coconut oil also pushes the body into producing ketones which have been shown to help fight/prevent cancer.
In addition to that, coconut oil contains a compound called monolaurin which has been shown to have an anti-viral effect.

Maintaining a low normal blood sugar and generating ketones has been proven, by a former Yale researcher, to produce a very inhospitable environment for cancer cells.  He was able to cure brain tumors in mice purely by feeding them a diet that stimulated ketone formation.  Normal function is maintained in the brain because it can burn ketones for energy while the cancer cannot.


Dr. Eslinger at Reno Integrative Medical Center, Reno Nevada

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