Why We Do Not Like to State Percentages, Likely Hoods or Guesstimates for Cancer Treatment outcomes.

Patients who initially seek treatment from us have:

Different types of cancer
Different variations of each type of cancer
Different stages of cancer
Different stages of current health
Different types and frequency of previous treatments
Different environments
Different lifestyles
Different diet routines
Different support systems
Different outlook views on life
And many more

Due to the many combinations and variations of the above – it is irresponsible to give out percentages, likely hoods or guesstimates on the outcome of any cancer treatment.

Those being told that they have; “2 weeks, 6-12 months’. or whatever tend to have just that. Meaning:
“People tend to live as long as those stated time frames”

Keep in mind that these estimated time frames are based on average statistics based on numbers that most likely do not include YOUR type of cancer, stage of health – and all those influencers listed above.

We realize as humans, we want or even need some type of answer. We want some type of prognosis that will help to wrap our brains around our diagnosis. We need/want to plan for the future whether that be, the next week. month or even year. This is totally understandable and can be very helpful but it can also be detrimental to our future outlook.

We need to realize that each prognosis is multifaceted and subjective, this includes many factors including but not limited to: Reactions to treatment. quality of life, how closely they follow the recommended protocol, outlook on the future, etc.

What we can say is patients who follow our recommended protocol have experienced a better quality of life, lived much longer than they were told by their conventional doctors, they have also seen a reduction of cancer markers and have even seen elimination of those cancer markers.

We offer an integrative approach to cancer treatment. We combine some mainstream
treatments along with alternative, holistic treatments that have shown positive and promising results. Our overall protocol is less toxic than traditional full-dose chemotherapy. We treat the whole person as opposed to just the cancer diagnosis. We offer many unique and hard to come by therapies that are only available in one of two states. Nevada, fortunately, is one of those.

As part of the “whole person” philosophy, our patients receive nutrition counseling and various detox services that help remove the impure and negative substances throughout their treatment protocol.

Dr. Eslinger at Reno Integrative Medical Center Reno, Nevada

Dr. Eslinger at Reno Integrative Medical Center
Reno, Nevada


Reno Integrative Medical Center


Notes from our Nutritionist, Daniel Marin


September is supposed to be the farewell to summer but so far (at least in Reno) it has been a quick transition to winter. Gloomy weather usually brings on gloomy feelings, just ask people in Portland, gloomy feelings lead to the desire to stay inside and have every pumpkin spiced product known to man. While these days are nice, occasionally; we cannot let them derail our long term goal, making the healthiest version of ourselves. So even if it’s gloomy out, get up, jacket up, and get out for 20-30 minutes. Not only are we exercising but we allow our mind to gear down for a small amount of time, win-win!

Now we’re about two weeks into our veggie/fruit challenge, how has it been going? Was it a big change to the usual type of diet you do? If it was a big change this may show us that our diet wasn’t quite as diverse as we would like and that’s okay! With this challenge we just hope to push ourselves to build some sustainable habits. Keep trying to get those veggies/fruit in, slowly but surely wins the race.

Spring cleaning for the blood.

When the oil in your car gets old and sticky you change it because you know your engine will run better and last longer with regular maintenance. The same principle should be used with your body’s blood supply.
“HOW,” you ask, “do I do that?”
With a UBI (Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation) treatment, a portion of your blood goes through a “car wash” of sorts.
Firstly, your blood gets exposed to Ultraviolet light which kills harmful pathogens and cancer cells.
This therapy is very effective at killing viruses.
During this initial process, the red blood cells are imprinted with photons of ultraviolet light. Once back in the body, these photons have been shown to re-radiate, resulting in energizing the immune system.
Next, the blood is treated with Ozone which boosts the level of oxygen.
Why Ozone? (o3)
Ozone is deadly to all viruses, most bacteria and all cancer cells.
name, chemical formula and structure diagram of Ozone handwritten on blackboard
Lastly, the blood is re-irradiated with ultraviolet light as it goes back in the body.

Detail shot of a fluorescent light tube on a wall with copyspace.

This treatment takes approximately one hour.
This therapy can be used to treat:
Chronic Fatigue
Heart Disease and many other chronic and auto-immune diseases.
Treatment is available at Reno Integrative Medical Center in Reno Nevada
Dr. “Bob” Eslinger

Stem cells are “Pluripotent”.

Why are stem cells so powerful as a therapy?

They are Pluripotent.

What that means is, they have the means to

go anywhere in the body where they are needed to stimulate new growth.

For example, a stem cell can become cartilage, should it be needed.

They are immature cells that are capable of giving rise to several different cell types.

Stem cells possibilities. These cells can become any tissue in the body. Internal organs in the background of a male figure and a human cell (gepatocytes, osteocyte, cardiac, enterocytes, neuron).

Stem cells possibilities. These cells can become any tissue in the body. Internal organs in the background of a male figure and a human cell (gepatocytes, osteocyte, cardiac, enterocytes, neuron).

HAM or (Human Amniotic Membrane) is a stem cell source for joint repair that is affordable, powerful and non-intrusive.

To learn more about this HAM stem cell therapy at Reno Integrative Medical Center click here.

Reno Integrative Medical Center is located in Reno Nevada. Specializing in Integrative Cancer treatment, chronic disease and health restoration.


Dr. Robert Eslinger is available to discuss treatment options either by an office visit or phone consult. If you have quick questions you would like to ask, fill out our form at contact us and our liaison service will respond.

PRP or Stem Cells for Joint Regeneration?

PRP, (platelet rich plasma), injections for joint regeneration are becoming more widely known as a way to restore joint function without having to undergo surgery.

Jogger woman is holding her injured knee during jogging.

Umbilical cord stem cell injections, is another way that has become available for people to do the same thing.

What are the differences (and the similarities)?

Just what is PRP? It is a concentration of the platelets from a person’s own blood. A blood sample is drawn and the tubes are spun in a centrifuge to separate the platelets from the other blood cells.

It is known that these platelets are one part of the clotting cycle that helps clot our blood in the event of any situation where our blood needs to clot to keep us from bleeding to death.

What was discovered about 20 years ago is that these same platelets are also jam packed full of what is called “growth factors” that are released at a site of trauma to help us heal faster.

This was first put to use by dentists who started injecting concentrated platelets into a tooth socket that had just had the tooth extracted. This helped prevent a very painful condition called “dry socket”.

Subsequently, some Orthopedic Surgeons started trying to help people with degenerative joint diseases by injecting it right into the broken down joint. They started finding that many times it would help regenerate the joint.

The added advantage is that this is accomplished using the persons own cells so there is no chance of rejection or an allergic reaction to it.

Sometimes it takes a few injections, a few weeks apart, to get the full therapeutic effect.

Many times the benefits last for years. One study (done by Orthopedists) even showed that it was able (in some cases) to regenerate the cartilage in the knee!

Stem Cell injections on the other hand, are not the person’s own cells. They are harvested from the umbilical cord and placenta of newborn healthy babies with the full knowledge and consent of the mother.

They offer the possibility of the same benefits, usually with a less number of injections. They also do not trigger any reactions because they are such young cells they do not stimulate a response from the immune system.

The big difference between the two injections is the cost. The cost for stem cells is higher. The stem cells would be better for a person with more severe disease because they are more potent in stimulating a healing reaction.

Both of these techniques offer hope for people with degenerative joint disease who are unwilling or unable to undergo artificial joint replacement surgery.

Reno Integrative Medical Center offers both of these therapies.


Robert A. Eslinger, D.O.,H.M.D.

Watch informative videos on his you tube channel.

Cancer Boot Camp

Cancer fight medical concept with an arm of a doctor wearing a blue boxing glove fighting a group of malignant human cells as a health care metaphor for researching a cure for dangerous tumors and therapy to remove illness.

Cancer Boot Camp at Reno Integrative Medical Center   Reno, Nevada

Because cancer is such a formidable foe, we have developed a 2-4 week program called Cancer Boot Camp in order to address the cancer from many angles.

  • If chemo is used, we use IPT to target the cancer cells to avoid collateral normal cell damage. IPT is available for non-chemo protocols as well.
  • GcMAF is a key treatment to de-cloak the cancer to the immune system.
  • Dendritic cell therapy is used to naturally enhance the immune system.
  • Nagalase testing is used to monitor progress.

If you are unaware of these therapies, we invite you to click on these links and learn about the powerful options that are available.

Dr. Eslinger has dedicated years to the unique Integrative approach to cancer and other chronic diseases.


Dr. Robert Eslinger Reno Integrative Medical Center Reno, Nevada Author of “Outmaneuver Cancer”

Mistletoe cancer therapy

The white-berry mistletoe has been used as a medicinal plant since ancient times: internally for diseases of the spleen, gynecological disorders and seizures (epilepsy), externally for wounds and ulcers.

mistletoe branch with berries isolated  on white background



In fact, mistletoe is one of the most widely studied complementary and alternative medicine therapies for cancer. In certain European countries, the preparations made from European mistletoe (Viscum album) are among the most prescribed drugs offered to cancer patients.

Mistletoe therapy has been found to help shrink a tumor and prolong survival with very little toxicity. It is used to reduce the toxic effects of chemo-therapy while enhancing the immune system and stimulating “apoptosis” in the cancer cells.

Both Mistletoe and Artesunate are used to treat cancer at Reno Integrative Medical Center in Reno Nevada.

Wormwood (Artemisia absinthium) sprig isolated on white


CLICK HERE: For more information on the many progressive cancer and chronic disease therapies used today at Reno Integrative Medical Center



Dr. Eslinger is a pioneer in the Integrative cancer and chronic disease medical arena.

Dendritic Cell Vaccine as a cancer treatment

Using your own blood to create an immune boosting vaccine has become very popular these days in the treatment of cancer.

View under a microscope, blood-red blood cells & white blood cellsin a living body

White Blood cells










A sample of the patients’ blood is drawn. The white blood cells (including the T-cells) are concentrated and harvested from the blood.  Once subjected to a proprietary process they are injected back into the patient.  This activates the T-cells in such a way that they become aggressive cancer killers.

This is called Dendritic Cell Vaccine therapy.



Reno Integrative Medical Center  in Reno Nevada, offers Dendritic Cell Vaccine therapy to boost immune function not only to cancer patients but for anyone suffering from chronic disease.

Biological response modifier for cancer treatment.


It’s one thing to kill cancer cells, it’s another to strengthen and build the immune system at the same time. Enter the phrase, “Biological Response Modifier”.

What does this mean?

Simply put, it is a way to wake up and stimulate a depressed immune system. In our previous blog we discussed how to de-cloak the cancer with GcMAF to expose it to the immune system. Now we want to boost the T-cells so they can attack and destroy the cancer cells naturally.

T-cells are the body’s soldiers and guardians. When a patient’s immune system is weak T-cell counts are low.  It is important to build up T-cell numbers and aggressiveness.

Dendritic Cell Vaccine therapy represents a new and promising immunotherapeutic approach for treatment of advanced cancer, as well as for secondary prevention of cancer.

The immune system attacks things it recognizes as foreign and abnormal. This recognition involves binding to very specific molecular sequences called “antigens”. These compounds, on the surface of the foreign (tumor) cells, stimulate what are called cytotoxic T-cells.  These T-cells bind to the cancer cells and inject cytokines which kill the abnormal cell.

A sample of the patients’ white blood cells (including the T-cells) are concentrated and harvested from the blood.  Once subjected to a proprietary process they are injected back into the patient.  This activates the T-cells in such a way that they become aggressive cancer killers.

Not only will these cells kill any cells displaying the antigen they recognize, but they will also multiply and pass on this information to other T-cells in the body.

Reno Integrative Medical Center is committed to making these unconventional cancer therapies available for people facing cancer treatment decisions. We hope this has been helpful.


Dr. Eslinger at Reno Integrative Medical Center in Reno Nevada.