Spring cleaning for the blood.

When the oil in your car gets old and sticky you change it because you know your engine will run better and last longer with regular maintenance. The same principle should be used with your body’s blood supply.
“HOW,” you ask, “do I do that?”
With a UBI (Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation) treatment, a portion of your blood goes through a “car wash” of sorts.
Firstly, your blood gets exposed to Ultraviolet light which kills harmful pathogens and cancer cells.
This therapy is very effective at killing viruses.
During this initial process, the red blood cells are imprinted with photons of ultraviolet light. Once back in the body, these photons have been shown to re-radiate, resulting in energizing the immune system.
Next, the blood is treated with Ozone which boosts the level of oxygen.
Why Ozone? (o3)
Ozone is deadly to all viruses, most bacteria and all cancer cells.
name, chemical formula and structure diagram of Ozone handwritten on blackboard
Lastly, the blood is re-irradiated with ultraviolet light as it goes back in the body.

Detail shot of a fluorescent light tube on a wall with copyspace.

This treatment takes approximately one hour.
This therapy can be used to treat:
Chronic Fatigue
Heart Disease and many other chronic and auto-immune diseases.
Treatment is available at Reno Integrative Medical Center in Reno Nevada
Dr. “Bob” Eslinger

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