Cancer Boot Camp

Cancer fight medical concept with an arm of a doctor wearing a blue boxing glove fighting a group of malignant human cells as a health care metaphor for researching a cure for dangerous tumors and therapy to remove illness.

Cancer Boot Camp at Reno Integrative Medical Center   Reno, Nevada

Because cancer is such a formidable foe, we have developed a 2-4 week program called Cancer Boot Camp in order to address the cancer from many angles.

  • If chemo is used, we use IPT to target the cancer cells to avoid collateral normal cell damage. IPT is available for non-chemo protocols as well.
  • GcMAF is a key treatment to de-cloak the cancer to the immune system.
  • Dendritic cell therapy is used to naturally enhance the immune system.
  • Nagalase testing is used to monitor progress.

If you are unaware of these therapies, we invite you to click on these links and learn about the powerful options that are available.

Dr. Eslinger has dedicated years to the unique Integrative approach to cancer and other chronic diseases.


Dr. Robert Eslinger Reno Integrative Medical Center Reno, Nevada Author of “Outmaneuver Cancer”

Alternative Cancer Treatment Boot Camp


Compassionate cancer treatment at Reno Integrative Medical Center

One does not have to travel to Mexico or Europe to receive alternative cancer treatments.  Reno Integrative Medical Center is dedicated to providing a full range of powerful, science-based treatments to people searching for cancer therapy options.  The tide is changing and more information is getting out to the public about new discoveries and/or synergistic use of older therapies such as Laetrile.  We encourage you to go to our website and read about the many therapies we incorporate.  These truly are better times for cancer survival than ever before.  It starts with educating oneself in an effort to de-mystify cancer and how it is dealt with in an Alternative/Integrative setting.

For those who need a more immediate and targeted healing program, Reno Integrative has designed their 3 week cancer boot camp to hit cancer hard and reduce the chance of spread without harm to the patient.

Dr. Eslinger is a warm and compassionate doctor that has been in medicine for over 35 years.  Providing options to his patients is very important to him.  He believes in the individuals right to chose.


Dr. Bob Eslinger at Reno Integrative Medical Center in Reno, Nevada.