Notes from our Nutritionist, Daniel Marin


September is supposed to be the farewell to summer but so far (at least in Reno) it has been a quick transition to winter. Gloomy weather usually brings on gloomy feelings, just ask people in Portland, gloomy feelings lead to the desire to stay inside and have every pumpkin spiced product known to man. While these days are nice, occasionally; we cannot let them derail our long term goal, making the healthiest version of ourselves. So even if it’s gloomy out, get up, jacket up, and get out for 20-30 minutes. Not only are we exercising but we allow our mind to gear down for a small amount of time, win-win!

Now we’re about two weeks into our veggie/fruit challenge, how has it been going? Was it a big change to the usual type of diet you do? If it was a big change this may show us that our diet wasn’t quite as diverse as we would like and that’s okay! With this challenge we just hope to push ourselves to build some sustainable habits. Keep trying to get those veggies/fruit in, slowly but surely wins the race.

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