Why We Do Not Like to State Percentages, Likely Hoods or Guesstimates for Cancer Treatment outcomes.

Patients who initially seek treatment from us have:

Different types of cancer
Different variations of each type of cancer
Different stages of cancer
Different stages of current health
Different types and frequency of previous treatments
Different environments
Different lifestyles
Different diet routines
Different support systems
Different outlook views on life
And many more

Due to the many combinations and variations of the above – it is irresponsible to give out percentages, likely hoods or guesstimates on the outcome of any cancer treatment.

Those being told that they have; “2 weeks, 6-12 months’. or whatever tend to have just that. Meaning:
“People tend to live as long as those stated time frames”

Keep in mind that these estimated time frames are based on average statistics based on numbers that most likely do not include YOUR type of cancer, stage of health – and all those influencers listed above.

We realize as humans, we want or even need some type of answer. We want some type of prognosis that will help to wrap our brains around our diagnosis. We need/want to plan for the future whether that be, the next week. month or even year. This is totally understandable and can be very helpful but it can also be detrimental to our future outlook.

We need to realize that each prognosis is multifaceted and subjective, this includes many factors including but not limited to: Reactions to treatment. quality of life, how closely they follow the recommended protocol, outlook on the future, etc.

What we can say is patients who follow our recommended protocol have experienced a better quality of life, lived much longer than they were told by their conventional doctors, they have also seen a reduction of cancer markers and have even seen elimination of those cancer markers.

We offer an integrative approach to cancer treatment. We combine some mainstream
treatments along with alternative, holistic treatments that have shown positive and promising results. Our overall protocol is less toxic than traditional full-dose chemotherapy. We treat the whole person as opposed to just the cancer diagnosis. We offer many unique and hard to come by therapies that are only available in one of two states. Nevada, fortunately, is one of those.

As part of the “whole person” philosophy, our patients receive nutrition counseling and various detox services that help remove the impure and negative substances throughout their treatment protocol.

Dr. Eslinger at Reno Integrative Medical Center Reno, Nevada

Dr. Eslinger at Reno Integrative Medical Center
Reno, Nevada


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