Chelation health maintenance

Chelation Therapy

Chelation Therapy for health maintenance


Chelation therapy is a treatment used for the removal of heavy metals from the body thereby improving metabolic function and blood flow through blocked arteries in the body.

Recently the NIH (National Institute of Health) approved a 37 million dollar study that could revolutionize the care of people with heart disease.

A previous study showed extremely promising results that led to this highly financed new study.

Reno Integrative Medical Center has been doing this therapy to improve the outcome of cancer treatment. It has been shown that toxic heavy metals, found in most people,   interfere with the functioning of the immune system.

Interestingly, the AMA has recommended chelation therapy for removal of toxic heavy metals from the body since the 1920’s. The importance of this has been recognized by many alternative doctors, however, many of them have encountered trouble with medical boards in recent times.



Dr. Bob Eslinger Reno Integrative Medical Center, Reno NV.

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